Fusion Ironworks

The metalworks company – Fusion Ironworks – was suffering with an old tired site, compounded by the fact that the original webmaster had seemingly gone out of business and was not contactable!  I was employed to help regain control of the domain name, build a new WordPress site and transfer the mail server from a Google Business Account to the same hosting company as the website.

Fusion Ironworks
The Fusion Ironworks website re-launched…

The new website is based on the Responsive theme, meaning that it will automatically scale and re-order itself depending on what screen size it is viewed on, and is very mobile and tablet friendly.  When viewed on mobiles the menu neatly switches style to cater for the reduced screen width. The site features an About page, Galleries displaying some of the customer’s work, a Client List page and a Contact page with Google map and contact form for those that would rather not use email.  The customer also has access to SlimStats, a service whereby he can monitor visitors and hits.  The site went live on 23 March 2013.

Fusion Ironworks (previous site)
Fusion Ironworks – the old site